We have a new format for the Sigil Bestiary, or rather an updated format to include a few new things. Starting this week, each new Bestiary entry will include a Sanctuary section that will show special rules for encountering the creature on its home turf. If the creature is encountered elsewhere, then it doesn’t get these benefits.

The other new addition to the Bestiary is reserved only for the strongest and most powerful of creatures, those of myths and legends, and is appropriately called Mythic Actions. These are actions that the creature can take when it is not the creature’s turn as a reaction to being targetted by the PCs (or other characters). Each powerful creature can do one Mythic Action between its turns, and if it wants to do any more than that, the GM will have to spend a Sigil to do so for each additional Mythic Action used.

So with that out of the way, let’s see these new parts in action with a creature that has both!

Ancient Dragons are the mightiest of all the dragons, wyrms and drakes; having survived every challenge and danger for centuries, if not millennia. They say there are bold dragons and there are old dragons, but there are no old bold dragons. Ancient Dragons have the experience to prove it. With this experience has come wisdom, the wisdom to be left alone, the wisdom to seek peace and quiet, and the wisdom to end a fight before it has begun. Ancient Dragons are capable of slumbering for years and decades without needing to leave their caverns, leading many to believe they have gone extinct, until the fateful day when their gargantuan wings blot out the sky and terror sweeps across the lands.

P. Wounds20M. Wounds13

Perk: Dragon’s Voice: Spend a Sigil to let out a mighty roar to frighten your enemies. All opponents within Near Range must pass a Will Skill Check or forfeit their next turn. Opponents that critically fail the Skill Check forfeit their next two rounds.

Quirk: Weathering of the Ages: Increase the penalties gained from Physical Wounds by 5 (even Minor Wounds), and double the time it takes for Physical Wounds to refresh.

Mythic Actions: Flame Breath: On a successful Combat Skill Check, all opponents in front of the Dragon in Near Range suffer damage (reduced by Opposed Skill Checks and armour) and is set on fire, causing a Minor Wound on each Hit Location each round until doused. Wing Buffet: All opponents in front of the Dragon in Close Range is pushed out to Near Range. Tail Swipe: Perform a Combat Skill Check against all opponents in Close Range.

Equipment: The fearsome Dragon requires no weapons or armour other than what it was born with. Its scales are as strong as any forged steel and grants the Dragon an Armour Rating of 30. Its claws and teeth are a match for swords and daggers, increasing the damage done by 20.

Sanctuary: Ancient Dragons live solitary lives in the caverns of mountain ranges. In their time, they have become so attuned to the silence of their demesne that they can hear and smell any intruder who sets foot inside the mountain, regardless of which tunnel or cave they use. On a successful Mental Skill Check, the Dragon can cause tremors to run through the mountain to frighten off intruders, and perhaps even cause cave-ins, although the Dragon cannot control where.

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