Some men will do anything for love, even creating the most deadly of poisons. In the forgotten city of Lohr, a magus fell in love with a woman who was as vain as he was powerful. Crafting ever more impressive objects to win her favour, the magus eventually created an enchanted talking hand-mirror that could only speak the truth. To know the absolute truth, the Mirror must know everything to not accidentally speak a falsehood. The magus poured his whole power and soul into the Mirror, boring a hole through the aether into the Akashic records to power it.

However, after receiving the gift, the vain woman was never seen again. She became a recluse, locking herself in her manor and spending every waking moment speaking to the Mirror, listening to the secret truths of the universe. She became addicted to the Mirror’s truth, losing the ability to separate truth from lies and fact from fiction. The magus could not save her, but after her passing, he locked away the hand-mirror so that no one else could ever fall under its curse.

Name: Mirror of Lohr

Type: Tool

Blessing: When in front of the Mirror, you may ask the GM any specific and targetted question regarding the setting and world, to which he must respond truthfully. These targetted, specific questions must either be able to be answered with a Yes or No, or it must begin with a Who, What, Where or When.

Curse: Each time you ask the GM a question, choose either Intuition or Logic. You lose a number of levels in that Skill and all its associated Specialisations equal to the first digit of the Skill/Specialisation (e.g. 5 for a Level of 50).

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