The Fae are terrible and alien creatures that stalk the veil between the aether and the mortal realms, hunting beasts too monstrous to see, and hoarding knowledge man was never meant to know. Woe betide any man who meets the Fae in a darkened night when their blood has risen and the fury of the aether is upon them.

They do, however, have a more benign and friendly cousin.

Fairies are lovely, cheerful, diminutive little pixies that flit about here and there, doing whatever their instincts and intuitions compel them to do. Fairies have few goals in life beyond joy, wonder and awe at the world around them. Their cheerfully childish, or perhaps childishly cheerful, outlook at the world have led them to be called the aether’s eternal children, which some have taken to mean they carry the secret of eternal youth. Many groups of fairies have been hunted to extinction by men seeking to live forever.

However, if you mean them no harm, you will find them to be excellent and hospitable hosts, with always a friendly word to say. Travellers through fairylands do, however, find many of their trinkets and other small items missing. Fairies might be friendly folk, but they are terminally kleptomanic.

P. Wounds1M. Wounds4

Perk: Fairy Dust: You may spend a Sigil to imbue yourself or others with magic until the end of the encounter/scene. Imbued characters may hover off the ground and perform simple prestidigitation (such as creating small illusionary effects; minor telekinesis; altering the colour, smell, sound or taste of an object; heat or cool objects; create a small light; etc).

Quirk: Disbelief: Gain a number of Belief Wound Slots equal to the first digit of your Intuition Skill Level. Enemies may express their disbelief in you and on a successful Logic Skill Check you will suffer a Belief Wound. Each Belief Wound causes you to reroll a successful Skill Check (thus 3 Wounds will cause 3 rerolls if they are all successful Checks). If all Belief Wounds are filled up, your character fades away into nothingness.

Equipment: With their diminutive stature, there is nothing they could wear that would protect them from a man’s weapon, nor would any of their minuscule weapons do lasting damage to a man. As such they are said to have an Armour Rating of 0 and no melee weapons. They do, however, have their fairy wands, which other than letting them do magic, also counts as a Light Near Ranged Weapon.

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