In troubled times, Warriors are the most common profession, and may range from common brigands and bandits, to ruthless amoral mercenaries and adventurers, to stout men-at-arms, and all the way up to the gallant knights in their shining armour and colourful tabards. As long as you have the strength to carry a blade and the will to use it, then you too can be a Warrior.

Being a Warrior means being in constant danger, moving from battle to battle, from war to war. Whether they were trained from birth for this, or were thrown into the deep end and had to sink or swim, Warriors learn quickly how to defend themselves or die trying. Whether at range or up close, you will encounter fewer dangerous opponents than a well-armed and armoured Warrior.

P. Wounds4M. Wounds3

Perk: Riposte: When you roll a successful defensive Opposition Skill Check to an opponent’s melee attack, you may spend a Sigil to immediately make a melee Combat/Fight Skill Check against that opponent out of turn.

Quirk: Warrior’s Linearity: You can’t spend EXP to increase the level of your highest Skill or Specialisation until all Skill/Specialisation Levels are equal.

Equipment: Being in the thick of combat means that Warriors come well equipped and are treated as having an Armour Rating of 15. A Warrior will carry either a Heavy Damage Medium Ranged Weapon such as a crossbow, or a Medium Damage Far Ranged Weapon such as a longbow. For Melee, a Warrior carries either a Heavy Melee Weapon such as a longsword, or a Medium Melee Weapon such as an arming-sword along with a shield giving an additional 10 Armour Rating.

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