Some say that even the gods were truly mortal, and that their renowned and legendary feats did not come from some divine spark or talent, but through the ingenuity of the enchantments on the items they wore and carried. A prime example of this, these cynics say, is the belt worn by the might thunder-god, said to be the strongest of all the gods. It was this belt, this Girdle of Thunder, that gave the god his inhuman strength and made him famous as a mighty warrior.

That is until the belt was lost to time and myth. As the gods disappeared, so did the legends about their artefacts. The Girdle was never seen from again, and the only stories about it are tall tales of men who claim to be able to lift trees from their roots and houses over their heads. Surely, nothing but tall tales from rural folk.

Name: Girdle of Thunder

Type: Clothing

Blessing: You can a Might Specialisation called Thunderer’s Strength that is only usable while wearing the Girdle of Thunder. The Specialisation Level starts at 100 and it may be increased above 100. The Thunderer’s Strength Specialisation may be used whenever a standard Might Skill Check would be needed, or in any situation where your strength is required to succeed on a Skill Check.

Curse: Whenever you roll a Thunderer’s Strength Specialisation Check, reduce your Might Skill Level by the first digit on the roll’s result (e.g.: 9 for a result of 92, or 12 for a result of 126). If you would lower your Might Skill Level below Level 0, then instead lower your Constitution Skill Level.

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