They say that deep within the Aether there is the great Akashic Records, a vast library containing every piece of knowledge known across the realms. If it has existed, does exist, or will exist, then it can be found within the Akashic Records. Legends state that an ancient magus, the acolyte of a mad god, once gained access to the aetheric library for the briefest moment, and afterwards wrote a tome to act as a window into the Records.

This tome is the Enchiridion Infinium, the Handbook of Infinity. With it, a man can know anything about everything, but most importantly will be able to know all there is to know about himself. It is as much a window into the Akashic Records as a mirror into man’s own essence. Reading this skin-covered volume comes at a great cost, though. There are thing man was never meant to know, and this knowledge can tear a man’s mind to pieces, and his brain to crumble. Some say that any price is worth the cost to be able to change your fate.

Name: Enchiridion Infinium

Type: Book

Blessing: Whenever you open the Infinium to study its contents, and thus yourself, you may move a number of Levels from one Skill to another, or one Specialisation to another (but not between Skills and Specialisations). You may only move Levels in allotments of 1d10s or 1d100 number of Levels at a time. You cannot move more levels out of a Skill/Specialisation than you have in that Skill/Specialisation, or move more into a Skill/Specialisation that would take it above 100.

Curse: Whenever you transfer Skill/Specialisation Levels, you will gain a Wound. You may choose whether this will be a Physical to the Head Hit Location or a Mental Wound. When you move 1d10 Levels, this will be a Significant Wound, and when you transfer 1d100 Levels, this will be a Grievous Wound.

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