Some men work for power; others are born with it; and some beg, borrow and steal it where they can. Acolytes fall within this latter group. Unable to achieve their own arcane power, they have obtained it (often illicitly) from greater magical beings beyond the aether. These powerful outsiders rarely let any of their power go without a price, and so Acolytes scheme and plan how to work around their infernal masters’ rules. It is a tenuous and fraught relationship that rarely ends well for these warlocks.

Acolytes are criminals by nature and pests by instinct. They hide in the shadows, crawl through the unseen places, steal what they can, and attack only when they know they have the advantage. Each dark Acolyte works towards his own selfish goal, whether it be even more power, the downfall of a society, or simply to satisfy his mortal urges. Whatever it may be, it will come at the ruin of others.

P. Wounds2M. Wounds3

Perk: Bristle: Do nothing for this turn/narrative-action except build up arcane power. Until the end of the scene/event/encounter, you gain a positive modifier to the next Skill Check you roll for a supernatural ability or talent equal to half your Special/Mental Skill Level. This effect is cumulative.

Quirk: Stolen Power: If you roll doubles during any Skill Check involving your supernatural powers, then you and every character within Close Range must roll an Intuition/Social Skill Check to reduce or avoid a Mental Wound. Failing this Check results in a Mental Wound equal to the amount by which you failed.

Equipment: Acolytes perform best when hiding in plain sight, thus they avoid all outward appearance of weapons and armour. They wear only clothing with an armour rating of 0. In addition, they carry only knives, daggers or dirks (Light Melee weapons) and slings, darts and throwing knives (Light Near Ranged weapons) that they can easily conceal within their clothing.

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