Said to have once belonged to the Queen of the gods and most beautiful woman to have ever graced the mortal realm with her face, the Cloak of Feathers is both a disguise and a means of transportation. When it is worn, the Cloak allows its wearer to transform into a large bird of prey at a whim, granting the wearer the greatest freedom that could ever be known to man: the freedom of flying through the skies.

The Cloak does have an intoxicating effect, however. There is no malignant magic to it, but the joy of an eagle or hawk’s existence becomes addictive to the wearer. The longer one stays transformed, the less one wants to return back to the earth-bound existence of a man. Stay transformed too long, and you will never be able to find your way back to solid ground. They say when a Cloak wearer becomes lost this way, the Cloak finds its own way back to earth, looking for a new wearer to entice to the clouds.

Name: Cloak of Feathers

Type: Clothing

Blessing: While wearing the Cloak you may spend a Sigil or suffer a Significant Mental Wound to transform into a bird of prey. When transformed, you cannot communicate in human language, may remain in your transformed state for as long as you choose, and must use the following Skill-set:


Curse: While transformed, your Mental Wounds do not heal. In addition, for every scene/encounter in which you spend most of the time transformed you gain a Minor Mental Wound (or greater if all lower Wound Slots are filled). If you gain a Location Destroyed Wound while transformed, you remain transformed permanently.

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