A tunic passed down from father to son throughout the generations, never losing its brilliant azure hue, nor a single thread from its count. This Ancestral Tunic from time immemorial seems to resist time itself, because it was woven from pure mana-weave, a fabric now consigned to myths and legends. This arcane thread from which the Tunic was made is not only magical in and of itself, but it draws in the magical energies from all around it to imbue its wearer with an arcane might he could only dream of. It has created sorcerers out of serfs, conjurers out of clods and mages out of merchants.

The Ancestral Tunic is a quick and easy way to become a magus for those lucky enough to inherit it, steal it, or find it, but as with all good things it comes at a cost. The mystical energies it drains from the world around it includes its wearer as well. Those who have already been blessed or cursed with arcane fortunes will find their own mystical strengths sapped by the very Tunic that gives them strength, forcing them to rely upon it to cast their charms and summon their evocations.

Name: Ancestral Tunic

Type: Clothing

Blessing: The Ancestral Tunic stores ambient mana to be used by its wearer. At the start of each session, you gain a number of Mana Points equal to the first digit of your Will or Intuition Skill (whichever is highest). These Mana Points count as Sigils, but may only be used for Skill Checks involving your magical, mystical, arcane or supernatural abilities. These mana points do not replenish naturally during a session, but you may transform any number of Sigils into Mana Points once per session.

Curse: By wearing the Ancestral Tunic, it siphons all your innate magical energies to store it. As such, you cannot use any magical, mystical, arcane or supernatural abilities without the use of the Tunic’s Mana Points.

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