The holy men of God. The shepherds of man. Wherever you find a society, there you will find a priest. They are as linked to civilisation as the walls of our homes and clothes on our feet. They are cornerstones of the community and may go beyond the mere role of a preacher to act as steward, judge, advisor, mediator and councillor to their flock. They carry immense power and influence over their communities, and thus a good priest will mean a strong and flourishing parish, while a corrupt priest is poison in the people’s veins. Some priests take to the road, carrying the good news to far-flung hamlets and communities that may be too isolated to have their own priests. Any traveller met on the road is a friend to be made and a new convert to the faith. However, on the open road is where priests are at their most vulnerable. By being the emissaries of all that is good and holy, the priests have become targets of the evil fiends who lurk beyond the veil of the aether, and these devils’ mortal agents. This is why you may often find priests in parties of armed men, not because of any lust for battle, but to be protected by the men-at-arms even as the priests protect their souls.
Combat 30 Social 45
Explore 35 Mental 40
P. Wounds 2 M. Wounds 3
Perk: Transfusion: You may heal another character’s Physical or Mental Wounds by transferring their Wounds onto you. To do this, you must have an available Wound Slot at equal or greater severity than the Wound you are transferring, although it may be on any Hit Location. Quirk: Hell’s Quarry: Whenever you roll a Critical Failure when interacting with any NPC, they will reveal themselves (openly or only to you) to be an agent of the outsiders beyond the aether. These agents’ goal in life is to ruin your life in whichever hellish way will cause you the most pain. Once revealed, the agents will not stop with their plans until they are dead or otherwise incapacitated. Equipment: Priests bear no arms or armour. They are peaceful men, sent out into the world to help their fellow man, not harm them. At best a priest will carry a walking stick to aid in traversing rough terrain (Medium Melee Weapon), and a sling to fend off the wild beasts (Light Medium Ranged Weapon). Sanctuary: A Priest makes him home on blessed hallowed ground, such as a temple or monastery. While in his sanctuary he can spend a Sigil to give all characters on the hallowed ground a -25 to any Combat Skill Check until his next turn; on a successful Social Skill Check he can also stun a single character in Near Range until the end of the Priest’s next turn; and can spend a Sigil to cause all undead and demonic characters on the hallowed ground to flee.

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