There can be only one. That is the essence of this cursed blade. There can only ever be one greatest, one that is the best, one that can claim the pole position. In this Game, there is only one winner, one champion. No one knows where the One comes from, or who forged it. Most are not even certain if there is more of the One, as each time it is seen its appearance has changed to reflect its current times. The One itself seems to be an immortal, changing sword whose sole purpose is to pit man against man to determine who is the best.

It is a sword of conflict and strife, competition and conquest. No single man holds on to it for long, as the One draws opponents and competitors to its bearer to constantly test him and make him prove his worth. Perhaps one day there will be a final champion, a winner of the Game. Perhaps one day there truly will be only one, but for now there is just the One.

Name: The One

Type: Sword

Blessing: The One counts as a Medium Melee Weapon. When you kill a character with the One, check what was his highest Skill. If two or more Skills are tied (or a Group Skill), the GM picks one. Roll a d100. If the result is higher your Skill that matches the dead character’s highest Skill, you gain d10 Levels in that Skill.

Curse: All characters around you will know of the One. The depth of their knowledge depends on their distance from the One:

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