The Chrysalid Lion was an immense beast that terrorised the lands of an ancient archipelago. It was monstrous and fearsome, yet touched with an otherworldly beauty. Its fur looked finer than the purest gold, its claws seemingly carved from obsidian, and its teeth whiter than marble. This embodiment of death and beauty could not be killed by mortal men, and it took the power of a god to wrestle it to the ground and strangle the life from it.

Using its own claws to cut through its skin, the god wore the Chrysalid Lion’s pelt as impenetrable armour, with its maned skull forming his helmet. The Hide was given to one of his semi-divine sons and passed down through the generations until there was no divine spark left in the bloodline, and the Hide passed from the pages of history.

To whoever would find it, the Hide is still as impenetrable as when the Chrysalid Lion was stalking the ancient world. But the Lion’s may have had the last laugh. Its lifeforce was not entirely drained from its pelt, and when wearing it, you can still hear its growls and feel the twitches of its claws. Should any weapon manage to pass through the holes and tears that age and its own claws have left in the Hide, then the claws will clamp down into the wearer’s torso, then the teeth will bite down into his head.

Name: Hide of the Chrysalid Lion

Type: Armour

Blessing: The Hide counts as Armour with a rating of 0 for the Head and Torso Hit Locations. When you suffer any damage to these Locations, you may spend a Sigil to negate all damage done.

Curse: When you suffer damage to your Head or Torso Hit Locations, and you did not spend a Sigil to negate it, then the Wound you receive is automatically increased in severity by one step.

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