These mischievous little sprites can be found nearly everywhere, for those with the right eyes to see, that is. Kobolds do not truly exist within the mortal plane, and are instead creatures of the aether. They dip into our world from time to time to see what the mortal men are up to, experience what the tangible world is like, and perhaps wreak a little havoc. Kobolds are neither malicious nor capricious; the mischief they cause stems from their everchanging and shifting sense of morality, values and ethics, which echo the tumultuous and chaotic landscape of their aetherial home. Their minds are nothing like ours, and so misunderstandings are exceedingly common.

Kobolds have no true defined shape, and can appear as anything and everything when they cross the veil into our world. They most often take the shape of smaller animals, pets, household objects, and children. It seems that they cannot change their shape into anything of significant mass, but their short stature shouldn’t be seen as a weakness. They are quick and they fight dirty, disappearing at will and reappearing out of sight for a sneak attack, or simply waiting until you are asleep to make their reappearance. Kobolds are best not angered, and treated with kindness, respect, and a lot of patience.

P. Wounds1M. Wounds1

Perk: Shapeshift: Spend a Sigil to change your shape, form, and appearance to that of any object, creature, or individual of a similar size and volume. Any equipment or items you are carrying to not Shift with you. This effect lasts for a number of turns or narrative actions equal to your Sigil Threshold.

Quirk: Anchorless: Whenever you are hit in Combat (regardless of taking damage), you must succeed on a Will/Mental Skill Check or become ethereal (and drop everything you are wearing and holding). While ethereal, you are invisible and cannot interact with any object or individual. You pass through any solid material and see the world in shades of black and white. You cannot speak or communicate with any other character or object. To return to the mortal plane requires Spending a Sigil.

Equipment: Any clothing or armour that a Kobold is seen in is actually merely part of his transformation, and thus part of his actual body. Mechanically speaking then, he has no armour, and any weapon he uses, regardless of their appearance, is classified as a Light Melee Weapon. Kobolds may seem to carry ranged weaponry, but wouldn’t loose a bolt or arrow as these too are part of their bodies.

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