There are realms beyond the knowledge of mortal men that lie far across the twisting seas of the aether. In one of these, there is an archfiend that sees all of creation in each realm across the aether as his to command and conquer. To prepare his new domains for conquest, this vile serpent has sent gifts across the aether to sow chaos and foment strife. To any incidental observer, these gifts mean nothing. They are simple, unadorned daggers with a curved hilt and black blade. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Yet, when they are used, they can kill anyone and anything with the lightest touch. They can overthrow empires and destabilise whole regions; precisely what the devil wants.

Name: Devil’s Dagger

Type: Dagger

Blessing: The Devil’s Dagger is a Light Melee Weapon. If you roll a 1 or 2 for any Fight Skill Check in which the Devil’s Dagger is used (and at least touches the opponent skin), then the opponent is instantly killed.

Curse: If you roll a 99 or 100 for any Fight Skill Check in which the Devil’s Dagger is used, then you suffer a Limb Destroyed Wound on whichever Hit Location is wielding the Devil’s Dagger.

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