There is no such thing as an innocent man, but unfortunately for society, the egregiously guilty amongst us do not have the courage to simply hand themselves in to the authorities for judgement. So if the mountain does not want to come to the man, then the man must go to the mountain; and so the authority of the land has instituted the Judges to walk among the people and proclaim judgement on their sins as these Judges see fit.

With nigh unlimited authority to be the accuser, jury and executioner, the Judges are feared throughout the land. Clad in metal and dark robes, no one knows the true identity of the Judges, seeing only the faceless arm of the law. As feared as they may be, the Judges live a dangerous life. With their heavy-handed judgement, most criminals prefer to take their chance in combat with the Judge than submit to their authority. They say that there are no old judges, and if one could see their faces, you would see this to be true.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds8

Perk: Doom: Spend a Sigil to make an Intimidate/Social Skill Check opposed by the target’s Will/Mental Skill Check. If you are successful, the target will automatically go into Shock in a number of turns/narrative-actions equal to the first digit of his Will/Mental Skill Level. Once in Shock, the standard rules for regaining consciousness applies.

Quirk: The Hunt: At the start of each session, the GM will provide you with the identity of your next target and where he was last seen (if you are not still busy with a Hunt). If you do not apprehend the target before the end of the session, or are significantly closer to him than when you started, then your Sigil pool will not refresh at the start of the next session.

Equipment: Judges are clad head to toe in plate befitting their status, granting them an Armour Rating of 30. To combat the guilty and proclaim judgment, each Judge bears a two-handed Heavy Melee weapon; this could be a greatsword, a long-axe, or a polearm.

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