Said to have been stolen from the Lord of Death himself, the Helm of the Dead is as powerful as it is seemingly innocuous. It looks like nothing more than an archaic, but well cared for, helmet; but it is this simplicity that has helped protect both the Helm and its series of owners across the years. Other than physically protecting the bearer’s head, the Helm of the Dead allows its owner to turn invisible at will. With merely a wish to go unnoticed and a bit of willpower to turn the dream into reality, the Helm, its bearer, and whatever he is wearing and wielding will become entirely invisible and undetectable to any form of visual sensor or detector.

The Master of the Underworld is also the God of Oaths, and his Helm will not permit any lies to be spoken or deception be performed in its presence. Just as the Helm renders its user unseen, it also lays bare his true intentions for all the world to see.

Name: Helm of the Dead

Type: Armour

Blessing: The Helm confers an Armour Rating of 30 to the Head Hit Location. While wearing the Helm, you can spend a Sigil to become invisible for a number of turns or narrative actions equal to your Sigil Threshold. The invisibility covers you and your currently worn/carried equipment and inventory.

Curse: While wearing or carrying the Helm of the Dead, you must spend Sigil in order to roll Deceive Skill Checks. If you don’t spend the Sigil, you automatically fail any Deceive Skill Check you attempt. Once you’ve spent the Sigil, you can roll the Skill Check as normal and spend further Sigils to modify and enhance it per standard rules.

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