The word “angel” means “messenger” because that is precisely what these heavenly figures are: messengers of God. However the divine realm functions with whatever pantheons or singular gods inhabit it, they all need liaisons with the mortal realm, and that is where Angels find their vocation. Angels are the intermediaries between the mortal and the divine, tasked with carrying messages, orders and judgements from on high.

Angels carry the spark of the divine with them when they enter the mortal realms, however, they are not gods themselves. Once they set foot on terra firma, they obey the laws of nature much as men do, and thus they become vulnerable to the malicious and capricious nature of man. Angels do not seek out combat, but many men have taken it upon themselves to seek honour and glory by killing an icon of heaven. Angels make for fierce opponents, but to the eternal shame of their divine masters, more than a few men walk the mortal realms clad in the weapons and armour of a fallen Angel.

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Perk: Angel Whisper: You can spend a Sigil to resurrect a recently deceased character. Only the killing blow (Location Destroyed Wound) is healed. All other Wounds remain. To be eligible, the character must have passed within a number of turns or narrative actions equal to the first digit of your Mental/Will Skill Level.

Quirk: Oath of Alignment: You start with an Alignment Level of 50. Whenever you commit an action that goes against the law or creed of your god(s), roll a d100. If it is above your Alignment Level, reduce the Level by 1d10. When you perform an action that exemplifies the ethos of your god(s), roll a d100. If it is above your Alignment Level, increase the Level by 1d10. The Alignment Level cannot go above 80.

Equipment: Angels are clad in radiant, glimmering armour that shows one and all the majesty they represent. However, this armour is a message much like the Angel itself, and not meant for extreme combat, and so only has an Armour rating of 20. For weapons, the Angel carries a shield with the emblem of its god that confers an additional 20 armour if used to block an attack; and it bears either a golden sword (Medium Melee Weapon) or a silver spear (Heavy Melee Weapon).

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