Today, we’re starting a new series to run in tandem with the Sigil Bestiary called the Sigil Emporium. It will be all about what rare and wondrous mythical items you can use in your games to bless and curse your PCs in equal measure. Just like the Bestiary, every week, we’ll show off one Item from the Emporium, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll put it into a neat PDF.

Items from the Emporium only have four characteristics, and of those, you only really need to worry about two of them. These four are:

The Blessing and Curse are the Item’s mechanical effects and will give your characters great power and great misery. Each Item has both a Blessing and a Curse, so you won’t ever get an item that doesn’t come at a cost.

The Ring of Power

To start the Emporium, we give you perhaps the greatest of all its many treasures: a Ring of Power. Forged in a time long forgotten, Rings of Power are often claimed to be discovered yet never seen. Rarer than hen’s teeth, these precious few Rings are said to give their wearer’s unimaginable power by unlocking their hidden potential and allowing them to see and exist partially within the twisted nether realm of the Aether. What few myths speak of these Rings tell of a dark price that must be paid to gain these otherworldly powers. The Rings do not grant power by themselves; instead, they feed on the soul of their bearers, wearing them down over time until nothing but a husk remains. It is a fleeting power, yet one that many wars have been waged over.

Name: Ring of Power

Type: Ring

Blessing: You may have one free reroll on all Opposed Skill Checks. You may spend a Sigil to turn invisible for a number of turns/narrative actions equal to the first digit of your Special Skill Level. You may willingly suffer a Minor Mental Wound to gain 1 Sigil. You may use your Special Skill to perform minor acts of telekinesis and prestidigitation (limited by the GM).

Curse: Failing any Will Skill Check results in a Mental Wound. You cannot gain or replenish Sigils during a session. Your Mental Wounds do not heal and refresh while wearing the Ring. At the end of each session in which you wore the Ring, roll a Will Skill Check with a penalty equal to your Sigil Threshold x5. If you gain a Mental Destroyed Wound, you become an evil undead wraith NPC. Removing the Ring requires a -20 Will Skill Check.

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