Goblins are a plague in humanoid form, although even calling them humanoid is an affront to all mankind. Goblins are small, evil little creatures that live for nothing but to pillage and plunder their way across the known lands, destroying everything in their path. They love nothing more than screams, blood, and most of all: fire. The flames of their rampant arson are their calling card, signalling to everyone ahead that death and destruction are coming.

When humanity discovered the secrets of alchemy and explosive powders and liquids, it was manna from heaven to the goblins. Explosions combine the three things they love best in the world into one convenient package, and they have promised to be true to their love forever. For humanity, where they had once to contend with a green storm of fury sweeping across their lands, that storm now brings thunder and lightning. The only silver lining to this dark cloud is that a goblin is as likely to kill himself in his explosion as he is his enemies.

P. Wounds2M. Wounds1

Perk: Bomb Toss: You can spend a Sigil to take a bomb from seemingly nowhere and throw it at an opponent within Near Range. That opponent and any character within Close Range suffer d100 damage. Opposed Skill Checks and armour apply.

Quirk: Coward: When you, or an ally in Near Range, suffers a Physical Wound, you must pass a Will/Mental Skill Check. Failing means that for the next round, if you do not run away or hide from the nearest opponent, you will suffer a negative modifier equal to the amount by which you failed.

Equipment: Goblins do not create, they only destroy. As such, there is no such thing as industry among what passes for their civilisation. The only weapons they carry are those that they can find and that their diminutive stature can carry. Goblins may be armed with Light Melee Weapons like knives, small clubs or hatchets; or Light Near Ranged Weapons such as slings or short bows. The scraps of clothing and armour they clad themselves in are not enough to protect them and so they have an Armour rating of 0.

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