The Lich is the archetypal enemy of the fantastical band of heroes. Lurking deep within his underground dungeon-complex, the Lich schemes and plans to do evil to the outside world. Protected as he is by his army of goblins, orcs and kobolds, and commanding his legion of undead, the Lich is a powerful figure to contend with.

Should you make it through his dungeon and overpower his armies, you’ll stand face to face with him to realise the reason he can command so much is because of his raw power. With a Mental Stat of 120, there is little to nothing that can stand in his way when it comes to using the arcane and supernatural forces. Whether it is through blasting apart his enemies wholesale, taking over their minds to turn friend into foe, or raising the would-be heroes into undead thralls… there is precious few things more frightening in this world than a Lich.

P. Wounds7M. Wounds21

Perk: Life Siphon: On a successful Mental/Special Skill Check that causes a Wound in an opponent, this character may spend a Sigil to heal a Wound of equal or lesser severity. If a Mental Wound was caused, this character may heal a Mental Wound. The same applies to Physical Wounds.

Quirk: Soul Ward: This character’s soul is kept in a container outside his body in a proto-phylactery called a Soul Ward. It is no larger or smaller than what can comfortably be held in one hand. If the Soul Ward is ever destroyed, this character immediately perishes. This character can still die by standard means, however.

Equipment: The Lich was once a powerful mortal in his own right, and keeps his trappings of wealth and might. An ancient and weathered suit of armour gives him an Armour of 15, while a rusted and corroded staff, sceptre, or mace counts as a Medium Melee Weapon.

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