The Zombie is a staple of pulp and horror fiction: a shambling, undead monstrosity that wishes nothing more than to feed on the flesh and brains of the living. Whether literal or figurative, Zombies are a plague upon the world, creating more of themselves by biting living beings and through this turning them into undead as well. As such, the Zombie menace can never be truly eradicated until the very last Zombie on the planet has been destroyed.

In the Sigil System, Zombies are an existential threat to the PCs, rather than an immediate one. Taking down any individual Zombie is not incredibly difficult for a party, and even a handful won’t cause most parties any trouble in combat. However, it is the Zombie bite that can forever change the nature of the campaign. A PC that is bitten can become a Zombie himself, becoming part of the undead legions.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds1

Perk: Infect: On a successful Combat Skill Check that caused a Wound, the victim must pass a Constitution Skill Check or gain the Zombie Quirk. This Constitution Skill Check will have a penalty equal to the severity of the Wound inflicted. The Quirk will take effect at the start of the next session.

Quirk: Zombie: The character is classified as Undead for any supernatural effects. The character does not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe. In addition, any supernatural effect that would heal or revive a character will instead damage to Zombie; and any supernatural effect that would corrupt or poison the Zombie will instead heal it.

The Zombie has no equipment, neither weapons nor armour.

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