This time on the bestiary we bring you a figure of mystery and might: the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is a figure clad in dark armour, black robes, and a bleak air of mystery. No one sees beneath his helm and lives, and none may pass him unless he wishes it. The Dark Knight is a solitary figure that travels the darkened roads of the world and the mystical passageways between realms. No one truly knows whether the Dark Knight is a being made of magic, created by magic or corrupted by its long use. Whatever the case may be, the Dark Knight is well versed in using black magic to confound and defeat his enemies, and dominate the landscape around him.

The Dark Knight is a powerful foe and could easily become a warlord reigning over a petty kingdom, yet he does not. Instead, he wanders the worlds and realms looking for opponents to duel and enemies to best. His quest is an obsession, to prove that he is the strongest and mightiest of all warriors. He will take on any man or monster, and once the duel begins, he will not stop until he or his opponent lays motionless on the ground.

P. Wounds5M. Wounds5

Perk: Dark Knight’s Tour: The character gathers his mystical energies and shoots them forth from his weapon. All characters within Close Range, and characters within Near Range directly in front of the character take damage equal to a roll of 70 (reduced by Defence Rolls and Armour) to a random Hit Location. This Perk requires you to spend Sigil, and it takes one full round to activate. Once initiated, the character can’t perform other actions until the action is performed on his next turn. If he takes damage before then, he must pass a Will/Mental Skill Check or the action immediately fails.

Quirk: Duellist’s Honour: The character can’t attack or voluntarily harm someone unless attacked first or given permission to do so (e.g. through a duel), or if the character Spends a Sigil for each action taken to harm someone else.

For equipment, the Dark Knight is clad in full armour, granting him 20 Armour; as well as carrying a great sword to cleave through his enemies (Heavy Melee Weapon). He is also skilled in the mystic arts and can use his Mental Skill to confuse his enemies, temporarily blind them, or psychokinetically blast them away.

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