This time on the bestiary, we bring a monster who can fulfil your every desire: the Succubus/Incubus.

Succubi and Incubi are two names for the same monsters. These demons from the second level of hell can change their shape to meet any demand, desire and fantasy. They can look like anyone from your favourite dream to deepest buried secret. They are sent to the mortal planes to tempt good men and women away from the path of the righteous and onto that broad walkway to hell.

Their sexual nature serves two roles. First, it’s the easiest temptation known to man, and the hardest to control. However, its secondary role is to ensure that half-demons, the cambions, continue to exist. The cambions are hell’s enforcers and agents on earth, and the incubi and succubi are their parents.

As such, the succubi and incubi keep themselves busy day and night (mostly night), filling the bowels of hell while they fill its army.

P. Wounds4M. Wounds5

Perk: Charm: Characters of the opposite sex must reroll the first successful result of any Social or Mental Skill Check made against the Succubus/Incubus, while it may reroll the first failed result of any Social or Mental Skill Check made against a character of the opposite sex.

Quirk: Dependency: Roll a d100 at the start of each session. The first digit of the result is the number of times you must satiate your vice before the end of the session or suffer a Mental Wound equal to the roll. Until you have reached the halfway point of sating your vice, you cannot spend Sigils.

For equipment, the Incubus/Succubus’ weapons and armour fit the persona they are currently inhabiting, stealing or buying whatever they need to blend in. In general, however, they often wear no armour as to show off their devilish beauty, and carry easily concealable weapons such as dirks or stilettoes (Light Melee weapons).

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