In this bestiary post, we travel through the wilderness to meet a mischievous and unpleasant fairy: the Spriggan.

The Spriggan is a fae spirit of nature, appearing as ancient, ugly old man with a large bulbous head and a disposition for trickery and mischief. It behooves travels to not get on their bad side as a Spriggan can use its connection to nature to cause all sorts of troubles for travellers.

Each Spriggan is connected to the environment in which it lives, and its supernatural and mystical powers are themed around this. A desert Spriggan may cause whirlwinds and sandstorms, while a Spriggan of a forest may cause tree roots to sprout and branches to catch travellers unawares, and Spriggans of rivers and lakes may use their power to shape water into spears and projectiles.

They are masters of their home realm… but only in their home realm. In any other type of environment, they are as feeble and powerless as any mortal.

P. Wounds4M. Wounds9

Perk: Nature’s Essence: Choose a type of environment (e.g., forest, desert, plains, river, etc). While within the chosen environment, the Spriggan may reroll any Mental Skill Check to alter and shape the environment around itself, and may choose either roll’s result. Only one reroll is allowed per Skill Check.

Quirk: Fairy’s Bane: While within Close Range of iron or water blessed by a priest, the Spriggan must reroll the first successful roll of all Mental Skill Checks, choosing the worst result between the two. In addition, any Wounds caused by iron or blessed water is automatically increased in severity by one step.

And there you have it, the Spriggan in all its mischievous and otherworldly glory. In the next Bestiary post, we’ll look at an opponent you may meet in a more social situation.

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