The Enchiridion Alchimia is finally out! It’s been a year in the making, and now it’s on DriveThruRPG for you to grab.

The Alchimia is the sequel to the great Enchiridion Sigillum, and follows in the footsteps of its older brother. the Sigillum gave you all the tools necessary to craft your very own unique spells, incantations and runic magic. The Alchimia does the very same, but with alchemy. Everything you need to know about alchemy is in this book: how to acquire and prepare your reagents, how to set up your lab, how to mix Alkahest and reagents to create concoctions, absolutely everything.

We’ve even got a section about astrology, so that you can use the planets, stars, phases of the moon, and even the seasons to your advantage to make the very best alchemical concoctions that you can.

There’s a hundred reagents in the book, and they can be combined in a near-infinite number of ways, meaning that you can literally create any alchemical potion, oil or poison that you can imagine. With another hundred recipes in the Alchimia, there is enough there to get you started and to get the creative juices flowing.

And to top it all off, we’ve got special recipes for creating a Chimaera, a Homunculus, and of course the Mangum Opus: the Philosopher’s Stone.

So if you want to be the very best alchemist like no one ever was, CLICK HERE to get your hands on the Enchiridion Alchimia.

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