Scarlet Bones

Scarlet Bone just got its v1.2 update!

This brings with it an extra character creation option in the form of an heirloom that your character carries with him, adding an extra bit of characterful and narrative uniqueness. The new version also comes with new Perks and Quirks for both the Blood Mage and Necromancer, providing new character customisation options with a focus on roleplay.

Lastly, there are four pre-made archetypes in the book (2 each for the Blood Mages and Necromancers) that allow you to instantly jump into a game with a fully made character. Each archetype is fashioned to exemplify an aspect of either the Blood Mage or Necromancer, so you will get a very flavourful character.

Click HERE to grab it from, or if you prefer DriveThruRPG then click HERE.

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