In our last Entropy Preview, we showed you the mystic and enigmatic Etsyon, at once so familiar but yet so alien. In this post we present giant talking snakes, otherwise known as the Cyrex.

The Cyrex is a race of reptile-mammal hybrids wandering space pirates, coming from a damp and hot jungle world where horrible predators live, and the law of the strongest is in effect.

The Cyrex is undoubtedly the most active predators in the Cosmic Exchange. Since they were discovered, thousands of people were killed, used as food or enslaved into breeding cults by the Cyrex in a strange effort to mix their traits with the most species in space. They are a physical culture who value appearance, strength, and talent into their friends, allies, and enemies.

Not all Cyrex are space pirates, but they always keep their primal predator spark when in civilisation and relationships, as well as their incredible hunger for meat, making them undying carnivores who can swoop and attack at any moment when craving their prizes, flesh or a good conversation alike.

Since they joined the Cosmic Exchange, in the effort of calming the hostilities and reform the species into a more modernised whole, they managed to buy back their reputation a little, but slavery and debauchery cults still are present everywhere making them one of the most polarised species in space.

Cyrex military is significantly focused on the ruthless attributes of their race. They hunt, kill, and feed on others they overcame. Their diet lets them eat what they kill and allow them to explore for an unlimited amount of time until they run out of target or they fulfil their mission. Sent out into the unexplored area of the galaxy to raid and explore for their warlord, they seek artefacts and technology they steal and take from the dead hands of the creatures that live there and with these technologies they upgrade their own.

The most apparent theft was made against the Zelar when the Cyrex managed to capture scientists and Arc weapons, enslaving and using the scientists until they were completely drained of energy and life. They built gear and ships able to help them in their endeavours. Stolen technology makes the bulk of their offensive power, and their artistic raw crafting skills led to the development of the Shredders, used by a majority of close-quarter fighters all around the galaxy.

Warlords of all clans do not see eye to eye, and all fight for the praise of the most powerful active one around. It is not rare to see warlords of inferior clans trying to attract and marry the most influential Cyrex warlord to merge their clans or merely kill them to steal it. Sometimes, female rulers offer themselves to the strongest to bear their children as a token of peace and raise it until it becomes strong enough to take their father’s place. The same thing can happen with the role reversed if the strongest is a female in search of an heir.

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