Enforcer is now at Version 0.2!

We’ve done a fair amount in this update, and given you a more tools to play around with in the game.

Example Characters

First up, we’ve made some pre-made, exemplar characters that shows off how you can make a custom character in Enforcer. Each of the 9 Archetypes now has a custom, named character to show you how it’s done. Each of the example characters have full stats, perks, equipment as well as a short background blurb to give the characters… well character.

Minion List

Exactly what it says on the tin. We’ve made a short list of Minion stats with perks and equipment, so if you want to grab a Minion quickly, this is for you. In this list we’ve also included 5 mechanical minions as well if you like your Minions to not talk back to you

Archetype Perks

In order to differentiate the Archetypes some more, we’ve given each Archetype their own unique Perk that only they get. So all Enforcers, for example, now come with the Pre-Prepared Perk that prevents them from being ambushed.


The Perk we gave to the Faithful Archetypes characters was the ability to use the Pray Action. They pray to God and if their faith (and Will Stat) is good enough, the Almighty will answer their prayers. The Pray action is a support/buffing action that only the faithful can use. There are 4 different types of prayers currently, but we want to add in some more, so if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them.

Bounty Hunting

You need Requisition Points to buy anything, and we’ve given you another way to get it. Other than increasing the amount of REQ you get at the end of a scenario from 1 to 1d10, we’ve also added in the Bounty system, so you can capture rebels, heretics, witches and even demons if you’re brave enough and sell them off to the Empire for a reward.


As always we like to tweak things to make sure they look right, and we’ve made some minor modifications to some equipment (armours particularly), so have a good look to make sure your stats line up with the new stuff.

Next up on the chopping block will be getting stuck into the campaign tools, to turn each individual scenario into a grander tale.

If you haven’t gotten Enforcer yet, you can grab it now by CLICKING HERE!

Enforcer is still in Early Access. This means that everything you need to play Enforcer is here, but it is not 100% finished. The main reason for the Early Access is to get funding for the art. Every dollar you spend on Enforcer is a dollar we give to an artist to make Enforcer look better. While the art is being worked on, we’ll keep polishing up the rules and increasing the lore. Everyone who gets Enforcer in the Early Access stage will get the full digital release for free, and we will also give you the final printed version at cost price.

If you want to know more about Enforcer, then come chat with other players and the developers on our Discord server!

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