Good news everyone! Gates by Stormforge West is now in public beta on DrivethruRPG! Here’s James to tell you all about it.

For the last five years or so I have been working on this game. It is a cumulation of over 15 years of being immersed into roleplaying games, my ideas, things I love, the stories I dream of, and many hours of playtesting. It has been a struggle of lack of experience, school, work, and other factors. But, now I have the time to give Gates the love it needs. Finally, after far too long, I have decided to release the beta to the public. It is not perfect. The writing is still rough, art is not in its proper place (some of it is just sketches) and the cover and logo are not even final yet. But, it is playable, nearly complete, and immensely fun. And I want to share it with you.

This is very much a community game, and I urge playtesters to join the discord server to discuss your character builds, ideas, worlds, and adventures. With the help of the community, Gates will become a unique and personal experience that we can be proud of. In the multiverse of Gates, anything can and will happen. Your worlds and ideas could be used by others in a way that binds the worlds of Gates into a complex web of fan-made content.

Try out Gates now by clicking on the logo above or just CLICK HERE.

If you want to chat with James and the other devs of Stormforge West about the games they’re making, come join our Discord server.

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