Enforcer, our INQ28 game, is now available in Early Access on DriveThruRPG! Click the banner above to get your hands on it right now!

Enforcer is a miniature based narrative-wargame, or a war-roleplaying-game, in the style of the INQ28 games. It takes the best of wargaming and RPGs to create an experience of the early skirmish era miniature RPGs. Enforcer is as much about player skill as it is about character skill. Your characters and the dice will tell you if they succeed or fail at any given action, but it is about how your use your characters, about how you strategize and use your tactical skill that will determine if you win or lose any scenario.

Enforcer is a physical tabletop game meant for 28mm models. It uses a simple d100 system that keeps the game flowing and the action front and centre. The dice aren’t the be-all and end-all of Enforcer, however, and your strategies in playing the game will determine your success or failure. Each character is a mixture of stats, traits, weapons, armours and items, giving you the flexibility to kit out your character and your team to meet the demands of the mission. Enforcer is a lethal game, so make sure they are kitted out well or they won’t survive for very long. Those that survive will be better off for it, and by the end of a campaign you will have a hardy bunch of soldiers ready to take on anything.

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Enforcer is still in Early Access.┬áThis means that everything you need to play Enforcer is here, but it is not 100% finished. The main reason for the Early Access is to get funding for the art. Every dollar you spend on Enforcer is a dollar we give to an artist to make Enforcer look better. While the art is being worked on, we’ll keep polishing up the rules and increasing the lore. Everyone who gets Enforcer in the Early Access stage will get the full digital release for free, and we will also give you the final printed version at cost price.

If you want to know more about Enforcer, then come chat with other players and the developers on our Discord server!

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