Want to know how initiative works in Gates? We’ll here’s James to tell you all about it:

The order of combat is a challenge I have been battling with for a while. Gates is a game built on cinematic combat set pieces. It should be quick and exciting. However, the current initiative system is neither. As it stands, you simply roll 2d6 and add initiative, then you play in that order. This takes some unnecessary time. Writing down the order, determining what that order is and so on. I have finally found a solution to this problem.

This is how it works.

First, determine who has the highest initiative value. Any ties, the players decide who breaks it. That person chooses who acts first. The first person takes their turn as normal. When they have finished their turn, the player chooses who acts next. That is the core idea. Once everyone acts, the last person to act chooses who acts first the next round.

There are a few more mechanics to this simple initiative to keep the game more exciting and unexpected. A player may spend a hero die to force themselves or someone else to be chosen. Furthermore, if a character has taken damage, then that character can take their turn at any point after someone else’s turn, eliminating that person’s choice of who acts.

The artwork side of Gates is coming along. The artist, Howard Levy, is doing an amazing job. Here is one of the many pieces of art that will be used to decorate and guide this beautiful game.

If you want to chat with James and the other devs of Stormforge West about the games they’re making, come join our Discord server.

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