In the early 2000s, I loved playing Inquisitor, a miniature based RPG for Warhammer 40k. Before I ever knew what D&D, Shadowrun, GURPS or any other RPG was, my friends and I were spending our weekends playing one.

Now, with a rise of interest in INQ28 games, I’ve been drawn back to my love for the mini-based RPGs, and have decided to make one of my own.

As the title of this post shows, the game will be called Enforcer and its setting will be a dystopian, cyberpunk earth in the far future. The rules will take heavy inspiration from the old Inquisitor game, but use 28mm scale and be based on centimetres rather than inches (because we all love the metric system, don’t we?).

I’m making the rules as accessible and intuitive as possible, so it’s quick and easy to learn, and you spend more time working on your strategy and tactics in the game, rather than what rule goes where. The fun of mini-based RPGs is about the game itself, how and where the models are, what can be done and how to do it. I will really emphasise this part, and make you as the player just as important in how the game goes, as the character you play. Player skill is really an important factor here.

When and where is it coming out?

A large chunk of Enforcer’s rules are already done, so the “when” is very soon. We’ll also be taking a different track with Enforcer than we have with previous games, and will be releasing it as an Early Access game. So once the rules are in a playable state, we will put it up on DriveThruRPG. The early access phase of the game will work as an open beta where we can collect feedback from anyone playing the game, and improve it as we build it.

Every dollar that Enforcer makes during the early access phase will go towards the art that will litter the book, so that when the full release comes out, it will look absolutely gorgeous. Also, everyone that buys the game during its early access phase will be able to get the hardcover version at cost-price.

We’re already working on the cover art, so expect to be able to get your hands on it real soon. In the mean time, we are already talking about it on our Discord server, so if you’re keen, come on by and find out more about Enforcer.

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