Last time on our Casino Games series, we showed you the grand table of the casino: Roulette.

This time, however, we’ll talk about the everpresent game that lights up the casino: the Slots

d100 Slots

Slots are the easiest of the Sigil Casino Games to play, as there is just one roll to do and no skill (or Skill) involved at all. You put in your money, you press the button/pull the lever, and hope for the best.

Playing d100 slots means simply rolling declaring how much of your Wealth Skill Level you are willing to bet, and then rolling 3d10. That’s all there is to it. Just like real-life slot machines, it’s quick and easy, perhaps too quick and easy, and that’s where the danger lies.

Slots these days have dozens of symbols and colours that can appear on the screen that mix and match to create the random results, but on a d10 there is only 10 numbers to pick from. This means that the results you can get are fewer, but it also means that the odds of winning are greater.

So when you’ve made your “bet” and rolled your 3d10, simply look at the table below and see what you’ve won.

The Slot Results

3 identical numbers (e.g.: 2, 2, 2)100 to 1
2 identical numbers (e.g.: 7, 7, 4)25 to 1
3 successive numbers (e.g.: 4, 5, 6)25 to 1
Odds or evens (e.g.: 2, 6, 0)10 to 1
3 odd/even successive numbers (e.g.: 1, 3, 5)50 to 1

Remember that with slots, you don’t have to guess or predict or pick the winning numbers like with roulette. As long as your d10s show any of the results you will get your pay-out.

And that’s it, you are set to go!


Betting in the Sigil System works by using “points” of your character’s Wealth Skill Level. If you win, you gain a bonus to your Wealth Skill Check equal to the amount of points you’ve won until such a time as your GM decides you have used up all of your winnings (at least for 1 session). Similarly, you won’t lose any levels in your Wealth Skill if you lose a bet, but you will take a penalty to any Wealth Skill Checks equal to the amount of points your lost.

You can bet as many points of Wealth up to your character’s Wealth Skill Level plus any points you have already won. Other characters can “spot” you some money by taking a penalty to their Wealth Skill Checks, and you will gain some “points” to bet with.

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