The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Last time we saw what happened with everyone at the Reserve during the five year timeskip. This time we see a little of the mysterious journeys that Jake and Nic went on during their own five years.

The final story

Life outside the walls of the Reserve was far different than the one lived within. Jake and Nick knew this well. They remained in Tauranga, and attempted to understand the community that sunk their ship. What occurred there only Jake and Nic knew, but it lead them to helping two souls down on their luck. After their escape, their journey took them further than they any of them thought possible. They pushed out into the great unknown and it seemed for the longest time that any thought of returning to the Reserve was just that: a thought.

But circumstances change and in time Jake and Nic had no choice but to return. What had they seen, and what had they experience throughout those final years… with the right questions and queries we might just find out in the next season of Z-LAND.

And that’s it for the timeskip! The next time you hear about the group and their adventures, it will be in the next episode of Z-LAND on Rycon’s YouTube channel. So stay tuned to find out what happens.

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