Stormforge West has a new project, and the first taste of that is already available on DriveThruRPG. So without further ado, here’s James:

The Things Lost to Time is a fantasy dungeon designed for OSR games, but is easily modified to fit any game with moderate tweaking. It is a tale of a vessel, lost to time, that crashed on whichever planet your game takes place. So long ago that it sunk into the earth. When miners unearth the strange, alien ship, an organisation of archaeologists offers to purchase any strange artefacts retrieved from within.

This dungeon is more or less a test for a concept called “The Monthly Crawl”. The goal of this endeavour is to produce one quality dungeon or adventure, for generic fantasy roleplay, a month. I do not know when we will truly begin the Monthly Crawl, but in the meantime Stormforge West will be honing our dungeon crafting skills.

Of course, this is not a replacement for my other projects. I develop dungeons as a hobby for my home group already, so I might as well share them with you.

You can get The Things Lost to Time now on DriveThruRPG absolutely free by clicking here.

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