Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Thieves’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood finally done now, here is the last of the guilds.

Bards’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Twisted Lillies
Faction Type: Entertainers/Bards
Theme: Money/Trade
Motto: Beauty And Fame
Rulership: Seniority of Service
Recruitment offers: Brotherhood
Oddities: Distinctive weapon/tool
Faction Goal: Extend/increase their influence over an area/faction.
Allied Faction: Socialites/Bourgeois
Rival Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Age: Old
# of Events: 6
Events: Bribery, Creation, Miracle, Betrayal, Betrayal, Champion
# of Members: 29


Reputation: 66
Wealth: 58
Notoriety: 24
Treachery: 40
Might: 38


Athletics: 37
Coercion: 24
Combat: 37
Craft: 58
Drive: 25
Mental: 59
Negotiate: 62
Perception: 46
Special: 62
Stealth: 46

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Rich
Acquisitions: Crew Quarters, Entertainment Space, Hygiene/Bathing, Kitchen/Dining, Dock/Garage, Vehicles, Specialist Quarters, Office Space
Specialists: Diplomat

And that’s it for all the Guilds. Next time we’ll give you a sneak peak at what the faction sheet will look like before Brotherhood gets released .


Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!

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