Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the Warriors’ Guild.

And with Brotherhood just around the corner, here is the Thieves’ Guild.

Thieves’ Guild

Faction Fluff

Name: The Black Rats
Faction Type: Thieves/Smugglers
Theme: Criminal/Underworld
Motto: Wealth Through Silence
Rulership: Democratic Single Ruler
Recruitment offers: Wealth
Oddities: Communicates chiefly in code.
Faction Goal: Gain more usable, spendable money.
Allied Faction: Entertainers/Bards, Assassins/Contractors
Rival Faction: Vigilantes/Lawmen
Age: Vintage
# of Events: 6
Events: Blackmail, Betrayal, Bribery, Fall, Sprout, Friend Gained
# of Members: 37


Reputation: 22
Wealth: 37
Notoriety: 39
Treachery: 75
Might: 70


Athletics: 70
Coercion: 41
Combat: 70
Craft: 38
Drive: 41
Mental: 38
Negotiate: 27
Perception: 72
Special: 28
Stealth: 72

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Armory, Camouflage, Crew quarters, Dock/Garage, Hygiene/bathing, Jail, Kitchen/dining, Office space, Safehouse, Specialist quarters, Misc (eg storage)x2, Training grounds, secret passageway, Vehicles, Defensive structures
Specialists: Scout

And that’s it for the Thieves’ Guild. Next time will be the last of the premade faction showcase, and we’ll cap it all off with the Bards.


Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!

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