The next season of Z-LAND will take place 5 years after the last.

To get you ready for it, Rycon has written what happens during those 5 years and we’ll be posting them here so you can follow along with what happens to the survivors.

Week 1

Jake drives out from the compound to clear his head after the tragedy, choosing to travel to his home. Nic accompanies him with the two of them travelling in the Golf Jake had come upon earlier.

The front door is locked, but many of the windows are broken. Inside they find no bodies but there are signs of major struggle and blood loss. The windows have been broken from the inside out.

They find no sign of life or undeath.

The two of them continue to scavenge the surrounding area and attempt to investigate the smoke and the light. The smoke can be seen as a distant plume rising from the direction of the city, drifting with the wind. It is thick and black

Returning with their spoils, and no sign of the lightsource, they begin to help Jonah and Frank with the barricading and reinforcing of the building with the intention to build out further fortifications as the main building is safe.

For the first few days Chloe remains in her bed, resting her leg before she starts to ease it back into use. Jen and the kids have chosen to sleep in the common area along with her as they don’t feel safe in the rooms anymore. Chloe find out that Willow has moved out of the main building, choosing instead to live in the house close to the center on the hill. She will remain here for a longtime. Chloe and the others attend the burning of the fallen islanders, whose remains were set alight on a rocky ledge jutting into the sea. Willow wasn’t present, choosing instead to remain in her self-imposed exile (no decision has been made about her yet). Charles for the first time in days spoke. He spoke of his wife and the pain her loss has brought him, he spoke of the early days when their numbers where small, that he shouldn’t be here, they should, she should. In the coming days Chloe begins to help with the construction efforts assisting the barricading effort.

Schalk treks to the top of the hill where a tent flaps in the wind. Disposing the remains of the previous residents, he hoses the thing down back at the MDC and props it atop the ACCOM where he begins to construct his crows nest. A little home for himself above the rest. Here Schalk keeps his belongings safe, along with a powerful portable radio. Taking a set of headphones found the barracks below, he listens to the device away from the others, choosing to keep it a secret. Scanning through the channels, listening to the voices of wider Auckland. He hears a small desperate few who broadcast every day at 12pm and 12am they are confused and afraid. Always whispering into the radio, he can tell nothing more than that it’s a voice speaking Russian. He also hears strings of beeps in what he soon learns to be a binary code. Decoding it takes time, but the beeps seem to reference longitude and latitude. Checking a map in the center below, Schalk determines one of the locations to be Little Barrier Island. Not sharing this new information, he sticks to constructing his little home before assisting the greater effort to secure the MDC.

Scott sees to recovery of Jen, and helps Lulu inside the building preparing and preserving what little food they have. Once Jen finds her feet, Scott chooses to invite Charles to fish alongside him after hearing him speak for the first time in days at the funeral of the islanders. Scott speak to him on the level and after a calm but tense argument Scott seem to be making headway with the stubborn man. Fishing is a dream at Goat Island and the two of them bring in plenty of fish. It might just been the fresh air the ellation of catching so many fish but he swears he is starting to see and improvement in Charles. Much of their time together is spent in silence, watching the waves and occasionally sharing stories of before the fall. Scot catches Charles often looking down at the ring on his finger. After a week of early morning starts plenty of fish caught life seems to be returning to the man. Scott even saw him attempt to poach a fresh snapper fillet for his daughter. She accepts but doesn’t say a word. The two have a long way to go but for the time Charles seems to be staying away from the drink, he doesn’t have much choice in the matter as nary a drop is found off the boat. Getting around the MDC hasn’t been easy with Scott’s crutch and he asks once again nicely that the next scavenging run-attempt to find him something to help with the matter. A sheepish Willow adds that more medical supplies will be needed for the future: antibiotics, painkillers, everything but the kitchen sink. The request is heard by the team and with Jonah back on his feet he’s keen to get some air, the plan to search the larger Warkworth hospital after the MDC was secure and work on an outer wall had begun.

A much larger team travels out this time, Nic, Jake, Chloe, Jonah and Frank head south to Warkworth, taking the second chance they sail to Warkworth via the Mahurangi River. From the river bank they spy the medical center right next to the New World. The temptation to peak inside the Supermarket is high but they all stick to their mission after Frank chastises anyone going “off script” the streets and quiet but not without the bones and shredded remains of the living. Usually some of the flesh is left but on these corpses the bones and gnawed clean.

They continue the short walk to the hospital where they find even more remains but again only bones. The doors to the hospital have been chained shut so Chloe and Nic choose force open a window along the front of the building. Upon entering the smell of death and decay is heavy, they all pull their filter and gas masks close. They quickly learn that they aren’t alone in the building when faced with a large number of emaciated shambling corpses. These prove to be easy work as it appears that the lot of them had been chained together wrist to wrist with zip ties. Some had come free as the plastic tore into their flesh but the mangled mess was put down as the survivors smash head after head, Jonah with a hunting knife and Frank with a sharpened metal pole he fashioned into a spear.

The hunt for supplies began as each of the survivors searched the building for everything of use. Gloves, instruments, medication, bandages, gauze, everything they’d need to get a small field hospital on the go. In addition they found three wheelchairs of which they bring back one. Three prosthetic arms, two left, one right and four prosthetic legs, two left, two right. They return their haul to the second chance, leaving behind the oddly gnawed remains that litter the streets, and return home.


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