Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showcased the first of the premade factions that you’ll find in the mod, the Adventurer’s Guild.

This time we’re showcasing the deadliest of all factions, the Assassins’ Guild.

Assassins’ Guild

They live for one thing and one thing only: death. Whether they do this in service of chaos or order, is up for you to decide.

Faction Fluff

Name: The Crimson Thorns
Faction Type: Assassins/Contractors
Theme: Politics/Influence
Motto: Death And Eternity
Rulership: Divinely Ordained King
Recruitment offers: Goal/Cuase
Oddities: Extensive ritualistic practices.
Faction Goal: IGrow their number of members, contacts, specialists.
Allied Faction: Thieves/Smugglers
Rival Faction: Vigilantes/Lawmen
Age: Established
# of Events: 2
Events: Fiend, Lunacy
# of Members: 29


Reputation: 15
Wealth: 29
Notoriety: 34
Treachery: 88
Might: 48


Athletics: 47
Coercion: 36
Combat: 48
Craft: 29
Drive: 35
Mental: 29
Negotiate: 20
Perception: 84
Special: 20
Stealth: 84

Faction Base

Luxuriousness: Poor
Acquisitions: Base, Crew Quarters, Camouflage, Jail, Safehouse, Training Grounds, Defensive Structures, Misc (storage).

And that’s it for the Assassins’ Guild. Next time we’ll show you what the Mages’ Guild is like.


Remember that you get to choose what we work on after the Brotherhood faction Mod has been made, so CLICK HERE to vote!

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