Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showed you all the faction specialisations, and brought you the first real contact you can have with faction members.

So for this post, it’s all about the members; what they are, how they affect your faction, and how to use them.

New Prospects

A faction member has two traits, and mechanically speaking those two traits is the sum total of the member. With the faction Specialisations acting as the member’s skills, these two traits sets him apart from the rest. These traits are the member’s Strength and his Flaw. Other than showing a bit of personality to help the GM roleplay that member, the traits have huge mechanical significance. After all, a faction really is just its collection of members. If they are all good at something, the faction is good at something; and the reverse is equally true: you can’t have a combat faction if none of its members are good at fighting.

So each time you get a new prospect and member, look on the table below for his Strength and Flaw and permanently increase the associate Skill/Specialisation of the Faction if it’s a Strength and permanently decrease it if its a Flaw. In this way, your faction’s capability will constantly be evolving as it gains new members, and the faction you start off with may look dramatically different to the one you end up with.

The Strengths and Flaws

When you get new members into your faction, your GM will either choose or roll on the tables below to pick the Strength and the Flaw. When rolling, it’s a single roll that works for both tables. Whatever result you get for the Strength, reverse the numbers on the dice (96 becomes 69) and that shows you what the Flaw is.

You’ll notice that there aren’t just Specialisations and Skills here though, but also Criticals. When you get a Critical Something as a Strength, it means that not only is rolling on the Skill in a Check a critical success, but so is rolling a 1. Get another Critical Something as a Strength, and it means also rolling a 2 is a critical success. The more of these you get, the higher the chance of rolling a critical success. The same works for the Flaw. For each Critical Something you get as a Flaw, you work backwards from 99 (since 100 is always a critical failure), and they become critical failures as well.

The unique option on the tables are Lucky and Unlucky. These either increase or decreases your faction’s Sigil Threshold, and is in fact the only way it can be done. If you ever want to use Sigils for your faction, you better pray for Lucky members.

Roll – Strength – Specialisation/Skill/Critical
01-05 – Adventurous – Drive
06-10 – Agile – Athletics
11-15 – Content – Critical Treachery/Notoriety
16-20 – Brave – Might
21-25 – Cunning – Mental
26-30 – Deft – Craft
31-35 – Dependable – Critical Reputation
36-40 – Diplomatic – Negotiate
41-45 – Discreet – Stealth
46-50 – Formidable – Coercion
51-55 – Gregarious – Reputation
56-60 – Supportive – Critical Might
61-65 – Loyal – Treachery
66-70 – Lucky – Sigil
71-75 – Meticulous – Critical Wealth
76-80 – Observant – Perception
81-85 – Taciturn – Notoriety
86-90 – Thrifty – Wealth
91-95 – Tough – Combat
96-100 – Wise – Special

Roll – Flaw – Specialisation/Skill/Critical
01-05 – Sedentary – Drive
06-10 – Sluggish – Athletics
11-15 – Ambitious – Critical Treachery/Notoriety
16-20 – Coward – Might
21-25 – Inept – Craft
26-30 – Gullible – Mental
31-35 – Rude – Negotiate
36-40 – Unreliable – Critical Reputation
41-45 – Antisocial – Reputation
46-50 – Clumsy – Stealth
51-55 – Meek – Coercion
56-60 – Grouchy – Critical Might
61-65 – Treacherous – Treachery
66-70 – Slovenly – Critical Wealth
71-75 – Unlucky – Sigil
76-80 – Talkative – Notoriety
81-85 – Oblivious – Perception
86-90 – Foolish – Special
91-95 – Greedy – Wealth
96-100 – Frail – Combat

What if I’m special?

Ten of the options on each table has a Specialisation associated with it. If you get a member with one of those (eg Meek or Observant), not only does it increase/decrease your faction’s Specialisation, but if you ever use that character they will get a +15 bonus to using that Specialisation (for a Strength) or a -15 (for a Flaw).

The Righteous Prophets.

With all that has happened to the Prophets, they are ready to rebuild so let’s see what their first new conscripted member looks like. With a roll of 80 their Strength is Observant, so not only will the Prophets’ Perception Spec increase to 41, this fellow will also get a bonus to using it. However, an 80 becomes an 08 so his Flaw is Sluggish, which means the Prophet’s Athletics go down to 29 and we won’t be using this guy when it comes to fast paced action. Looks like he’s going to be stuck on guard duty for a long time.

And that’s it for the Prospects and Members. Tell us what your members look like and how they’ve changed your faction.

Next time we’ll show you the special sort of members: the Specialists.


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