Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showed you what the Might Skill can do and how you can use your faction members to help you in game.

This time we’re showing off the last of the faction Skills, the Wealth Skill.


When we walked you through faction generation and building your faction’s base, we showed you how you can buy acquisitions for your base with the Wealth Skill. This process isn’t just limited to the pre-game faction generation. As you play the game and increase your faction’s Wealth Skill Level, you can continue to buy acquisitions to build up your base and turn it into the palace or fortress that you want.

This is the major purpose of the Wealth Skill, but like all the rest it does have a function for the PCs. If the PCs are the leaders of the faction, or the leaders have allowed the PCs access to the faction’s funds, the the PCs can dip into those funds to help them in their adventures.

Just like with Might, a faction will have Wealth Wounds (the number of which is equal to first digit of the Wealth Skill Level). When a player has to do a Wealth Skill Check, the player can elect to give the fation a Wealth Wound and gain a bonus to his Wealth Skill depending on the severity of the Wealth Wound Inflicted:

Minor Wealth Wound – +5
Significant Wealth Wound – +10
Grievous Wealth Wound – +15
Wealth Location Destroyed – +40

If a Location Destroyed Wound is ever inflicted (either by choice or because it is the only Wound Slot available), then the Wealth Skill of the faction drops to Level 1 again.

Wealth Wounds “heal” and refresh just like normal Wounds, so after each encounter the Minor Wealth Wounds will refresh, meaning that if a PC has access to the faction’s purse-strings, they will always at least get a +5 to their Wealth Skill Checks

The Righteous Prophets.

With a roll of 62, the Prophets’ Wealth Skill is 30. That’s a healthy Wealth Skill to start the game with. It means they have all three severities of Wound Slots and the players will be able to draw a decent +15 bonus to their Wealth Skill Checks if they need it.

And that’s it for the Wealth Skill. It’s a quick and easy Skill to use, but it will help you out far more than you think.

Next time we’ll give you a quick run-down of the faction Specialisations and you’ll see how to put the faction itself to good use in game.


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