First things first: we got ourselves a mod symbol! The chains that bind a faction together! This will be the symbol on the cover of the faction system mod that we are calling Brotherhood for now.

Now onto the main post:

Last time on our faction system walkthrough, we showed you what the Notoriety Skill can do and what Notoriety Events are.

This time we’re showing off the Treachery Skill.


Treachery is a Skill that is supremely advantageous if you are not the leader of a faction, but want to be; but is a dangerous risk to manage if you are the leader of a faction and want to stay there. This is because Treachery serves two purposes: as a Skill to be used, and for Event rolls by the GM. In short, the higher the Treachery Level is, the more likely it is that there will be upheaval in the faction, which is good for ambitious members trying to climb the ladder, but bad for those at the top.

If you are not leading the faction (or if you are and want to cause a false flag attack), you can use the Treachery Skill in two ways. First and easiest is to force a Treachery Event. If there isn’t currently one happening, you can roll a Treachery Skill Check and, if you succeed, consult the table below to see what ruckus you managed to stir up. Be careful, though, because even if you’re not at the heart of the treasonous actions occurring, someone could always point the finger back at you.

A second way to use the Treachery Skill is the more long term plan. If you want to build up some support and hit quickly and hit hard, it makes sense to increase the Treachery Skill first before you strike. Once per session, if there isn’t a Treachery Event happening, you can roll a Treachery Skill Check. If you fail, then the Treachery Skill Level increases by 1d10. Remember that this is a unique case where something happens if you fail, not if you succeed. So the lower the Treachery Skill Level is, the quicker you can increase it.

Also, you can only do one of the above per session. You can either try and increase the Treachery Skill Level or try and force a Treachery Event, not both.

Treachery events

Just like with Notoriety, at the start of each session, the GM will roll a Treachery Skill Check for the faction. If it fails, nothing happens. If it passes, though, then the faction’s Treachery has led to some internal strife inside the faction. So the GM consults the table below and see just what sort of ruckus has been kicked up inside the faction. So the higher your Treachery Skill Level, the higher the chance that something happens. A Treachery Event can, of course, span more than one gaming session, so if there is a Treachery Event already going on, no need to roll again.

01-05: Notoriety Event +5.
06-10: Embezzlement! A member steals 1d10 Wealth from the faction.
11-15: Discover that there is a mole in the faction, feeding info to a rival faction.
16-20: A brawl breaks out between members in the base.
21-25: A plot is discovered against the faction leader(s).
26-30: News leaks out about a faction being formed inside the faction.
31-35: Gain 1d10 members, and push up Notoriety by same amount.
36-40: Murder! A member has been found dead in the base.
41-45: Lose 1d10 members, and push up Notoriety by same amount.
46-50: Members attack an Allied faction.
51-55: Small group of members attempt an attack on the faction leader(s).
56-60: Members insult an Allied faction enough to turn it into a Rival.
61-65: Other faction offers to take over permanently to solve issues.
66-70: A member(s) have secretly sold off a base acquisition.
71-75: Members riot and destroyes a base acquisition.
76-80: Half of faction leaves and forms new faction.
81-85: Half the faction mutinies and attempts to take over faction.
86-90: Half of faction leaves and forms new faction, and attacks main faction
91-95: Civil War. Half of faction leaves, forms new faction and attacks main faction.
96-100: Roll twice and use both Events.

Other than causing some pain for the faction, a Treachery Event is like a snowball that just keeps getting worse. Each session that the Event is not handled and closed off means that the Faction’s Treachery Skill Level will increase. This means that the next Event Roll could be far worse for the faction.

The Righteous Prophets.

With a roll of 75, the Prophets’ Treachery Level is sitting at 40. Not surprising when you think it’s a bunch of corrupt criminal cops, but it also isn’t good news for the faction. Last time we found that they had a Notoriety of 50. Coupled with the Treachery level at 40, they could be looking at hitting an Event nearly every session (statistically speaking). It’s a threat they will definitely have to manage, because it looks like the only thing they are going to do for the mean time is be on the defensive.

And that’s it for the Treachery Skill. Tell us what you think about it, what your faction Treachery Skill Level is and how you plan on handling the Treachery Events.

Next time we’ll see what Might means for your faction and actually seeing how many members your faction has.


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