It’s been less than a week and Z-LAND is doing better than we had ever hoped for!

A couple of days ago Z-LAND took it’s first step on the ladder to Platinum level on DriveThruRPG by hitting Copper rank. It got there blindingly fast, and it will only get better from here on out. The next rank to hit is Silver level and isn’t as easy as getting Copper, so spread the word about Z-LAND and let’s get it up there to the next level!

But hitting Copper level hasn’t been Z-LAND’s only achievement. Since its release it has been sitting comfortably in DriveThruRPG’s top 20 best selling list which is a dream come true.

But it still gets better! Z-LAND is in the top 5 of all of DriveThruRPG’s horror games and supplements. It’s sitting up there with the likes of Cthulhu and vampires, and that’s as it should be, because our zombies are absolutely terrifying.

But still, that is not the achievement we are most proud of. What has been our dream come true is that Z-LAND is currently the number one best selling zombie game on all of DriveThruRPG! How awesome is that!? It has beaten all the heavy-weights of zombie RPGs to get that number one spot! We are proper chuffed to see that.

And while we may gloat and brag about this, because who wouldn’t, it really is all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. So here is a massive thank you to everyone who has backed our kickstarter, bought a copy of the beta and corebook, watched the YouTube series, or played a game of Z-LAND. You guys are awesome, and this really is your copper medal.

You guys rock.

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