While I’m busy tinkering away at the Faction mod for the Sigil System, Stormforge West has been working hard on their next game after Haunt. It’s amazing, it’s called Gates, and here is James from Stormforge West to tell you all about it:

For the past 4 years, I have been developing a roleplaying game that has become my personal muse. It is the game that I call “The Game”. A combination of my entire lifetimes experience with role playing games, polished down into a cohesive and truly epic role playing game.This game is Gates. Gates is a roleplaying game set in a multiverse of possibility. Every conceivable world and setting fits inside this game. Fantastic lands where dragons soar the skies, Futuristic metropolis ruled by robots, and even stranger places still such as a world made of floating, sky islands or a place where gravity just doesn’t work the way it is intended. These are the settings in Gates that your party will explore.

The Party and characters

You will play as Gate Striders. They are heroic character that come from a multitude of different worlds. Gate Striders are given the ability to walk between portals called Gates. Each one is a dungeon of its own, and it leads to strange exotic worlds. Because players come from so many worlds, the party has multiple genres within it. A cyborg pirate could join forces with a valiant knight with psychic powers. Or a police officer who dabbles in witchcraft might be allies with a literal dragon. The only limitation to the party is your imagination.
Characters choose two classes right off the bat. Choosing between Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Channeler, Perfectionist, Naturalist, Bard, Psionic, Elementalist and Artificer. The characters are further detailed through backgrounds and skill choices. As they level, they can gain a myriad of special abilities which add to their style, making each character one of a kind.
Your goal as Player Characters will be to travel between worlds and go on quests to prove your worth. You will begin the game as powerful heroes who can turn the tide in a war, but near the height of your power you will be battling gods across massive battlefields where the fate of the multiverse lies in the balance.

The Gameplay

Gates uses vast options for combat, varied and unique character options, and a zone style movement system to create epic and cinematic combat encounters. One fight may take place on the tops of speeding cars on the highway while the next day you could be doing battle with griffons atop a crumbling castle.
The game uses two six sided dice as its main dice mechanic, with extra dice rolled when you have advantages. In combat, you are given a stunt which may modify any attack. Outside of combat, you will make use of the social encounter system, the traveling rules, and the downtime rules. Leveling your character is not handled by experience. Rather, you will gain Advancement Points. To gain these Advancement Points, you must go out into a world and complete a quest. The more difficult, the better.

The Future

Keep an eye on this blog as well as my twitter handle @Stormforge_West for updates to the game. The Beta playtest for Gates will be on DrivethruRPG for free sometime in the coming months. After that, we will work on the Kickstarter for Gates so we can fill it with beautiful art and superb editing. Any questions regarding the game, please come to the Discord server at https://discord.gg/vuxrsXW or email me directly at Jamesja12@gmail.com. Good Gate Striding.

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