To go with our Event Generator from last week, we have a Leadership Name Generator for you. What good is a historical event if you don’t know who took part in it? Or better yet, if you have to come up with past leaders of nations, or even current ones for far flung countries your players want to get to, this will quickly make one for you.

The generator has three parts. First, it will give you a title, all the way from Chief to Empress and any Lord in between. Then there are a selection of 25 names culled from real life historical royalty. Lastly, there is the royal nickname. Nearly every great person in history had one; some were “the Great”, other’s “the Conqueror”, the the unlucky were “the Fat” or “the Short”.

With these three you will have a leader made in no time.

Title (d20)

1. Archduke/Archduchess
2. Chancellor
3. Chief/Chieftainess
4. Commander
5. Count/Countess
6. Despot/Despotissa
7. Duke/Duchess
8. Elder
9. Emperor/Empress
10. Governor
11. Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
12. Grand Prince/Grand Princess
13. High King/High Queen
14. High Priest/High Priestess
15. King/Queen
16. Lord/Lady
17. Lord Protector/Lady Protector
18. President
19. Prime Minister
20. Prince/Princess

Name (d100)

If you want the sex of your leader to be determined randomly, then if your roll is an odd number it’s a lady, and if it’s an even number it’s a gent.

1-4. Alexander/Agnes
5-8. Charles/Amalia
9-12. Constantine/Anne
13-16. David/Beatrice
17-20. Donald/Bianca
21-24. Duncan/Caroline
25-28. Edgar/Claudia
29-32. Edmund/Constance
33-36. Edward/Eleonore
37-40. Francis/Elizabeth
41-44. Frederick/Francesca
45-48. George/Helena
49-52. Harold/Irene
53-56. Henry/Isabella
57-60. James/Jacqueline
61-64. John/Jane
65-68. Louis/Judith
69-72. Magnus/Julia
73-76. Oliver/Louisa
77-80. Philip/Margeret
81-84. Richard/Mary
85-88. Robert/Matilda
89-92. Sigmund/Priscilla
93-96. Stephen/Sofia
97-100. William/Theresa


1-4. the Affable
5-8. the Amorous
9-12. the Beloved
13-16. the Bold
17-20. the Conqueror
21-24. the Cunning
25-28. the Desired
29-32. the Elder
33-36. the Fair
37-40. the Fat
41-44. the Gallant
45-48. the Great
49-52. the Just
53-56. the Lion
57-60. the Mad
61-64. the Martyr
65-68. the Peaceful
69-72. the Pious
73-76. the Short
77-80. the Tall
81-84. the Tyrant
85-88. the Unready
89-92. the Victorious
93-96. the Wise
97-100. the Young

And there you have it. With this generator you can have your very own Elder Frederick the Amorous, or Commander Beatrice the Bold, or even Lord Magnus the Lion.

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