Since our Motto Generator was so popular, we thought we’d give you a few more randomisation tools that you can use in your games. Next up is a Quick NPC Generator made by James from Stormforge West. Just like the Motto Generator, you’ll eventually see this being used in a future game, and that will most likely be Grim Gears, so keep an eye on James’ Skies of Himinil setting over on World Anvil.


To create an NPC, simply roll a d100 for each of the three tables below and see what sort of NPC they’ve made.

Personality Quirk

The personality quirk of an NPC is something noticeable that will make the NPC memorable and appear to have more depth. These quirks are a combination of personality traits, moods, and circumstances, which may be determined with context of the other tables. This is how the NPC acts at the given moment, and it may or may not actually represent their character if you wish to make them more in depth.

1-5 Angry
6-10 Skittish
11-15 Cheerful
16-20 Sorrowful
21-25 Nervous
26-30 Quiet
31-35 Blunt
36-40 Funny
41-45 Cold
46-50 Mean
51-55 Haughty
56-60 Humble
61-65 Logical
66-70 Kind
71-75 Motherly
76-80 Careful
81-85 Crazy
86-90 Rushed
91-95 Cruel
96-100 Generous


This is the NPCs goal at the moment. If you stop someone on the street or sitting at a table, they are either going somewhere for a reason or waiting for something. Sometimes, this goal might not fit with the current situation. In these cases, the goal is what is on the person’s mind.

1-5 Hungry
6-10 Bored
11-15 Need to relax
16-20 Making Money
21-25 Meeting a friend
26-30 Finding love
31-35 Has nowhere to go
36-40 Needs to be alone
41-45 Needs to help someone
46-50 Betraying someone
51-55 Commiting a crime
56-60 Running from something
61-65 Spend money
66-70 Confront enemies
71-75 Lost
76-80 Lying about… (roll again)
81-85 Going Home
86-90 Trying to learn something
91-95 Putting off something
96-100 Wants to have fun

Something Unique

Everyone has something unique about them. This can range from who they are to what they have. This list is of things that are noticeable right away that seem interesting, a bit off, or is just hard to ignore.

1-5 Speaks with a strong accent
6-10 Ethnicity not common
11-15 Carries a weapon
16-20 Wearing clothes beneath their station
21-25 Is obviously wealthy
26-30 Has a unique hairstyle
31-35 Is obese
36-40 Unhealthily skinny
41-45 Is wounded
46-50 Wears a mask
51-55 Uncommon hair color
56-60 Bad breath
61-65 Exotic scent
66-70 Exotic clothing
71-75 Unique jewelry
76-80 Noticeable Scar
81-85 Strange tattoos or piercings
86-90 Carrying a strange object
91-95 Is mildly deformed
96-100 They make you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason.


Share the weird and wonderful NPCs you’ve generated on our Discord server!

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