Haunt is selling like hotcakes over on DriveThruRPG and is well on its way to hitting that Copper medal. Stormforge West is more than just one game, however, so here’s James to talk about the future of Stormforge West and what you can expect to see from them.


The purpose of this post is to tell all of you my plans for the future. Now that Haunt is released, I want to focus on more games. I love making these games and sharing them with you and I want you to be aware of things to come. Note, these are not set in stone. The order of these and their contents may change over time. This post is not to tell you what WILL be released. Instead, this post is to tell you the direction my thoughts of things to come.

I have three largeish projects I am working on. The first is called Grim Gears. This is a game in the Sigil System ruleset about Brothers Grimm style fairy tails set in a sky-island world with a clockwork aesthetic. The focus of this game will be on the setting and the stories told within. Grim Gears is a collaborative project, so hopefully things will move quickly for it. I have never worked with another for a product, so it is an exciting experience.

The second large game is actually my first real RPG. The name of the game is Gates and I have been working on it off and on for quite a while. Gates is about a group of adventurers from different worlds and genres. Cyborg ninjas fighting alongside werewolf knights. Cowboy deadeyes who works with a vampire CEO. These are just a few examples of the characters in that game. The game will focus on cinematic combat and crazy genre mashed adventures.

The third large game I have in the works has little work going into it. This project has no name, but it will be about scholars from various schools being sent to newly discovered locations to log information. It is a game about finding artifacts, learning of new cultures, and trying to amass more knowledge for your report than the other players.

Those are the three main projects I will be working on. However, during those projects I will be making several smaller projects. The first will be a mod for the Sigil System. This mod, Rituals and Recipes, is nearly complete and will be about performing magic rituals and crafting magic potions. It will add a little bit of wizardry to your games.

Now that Haunt is released, I have gotten a lot of feedback and I know many want a module for it. So, that is in the works as well! The module will have a few different haunts for a map that will be supplied. It will also have further description of how to make your own haunts.

After that module, I plan to release a game called Odyssey of the Few. It is a small RPG about the same size as Haunt. It is also just as strange. Instead of playing a character, you take on the role of a Fate. This means you guide the party alongside the other Fates. Your goal will be to solve the players goal while also skewing things to complete your own personal goal.

These are the projects I am going to release, in that approximate order. I will be constantly creating of course. I will be making many splat books for Sigil, Haunt, and other products. I could go on and on about my ideas, but the ones I have talked about are the ones that will likely be actually finished. Eventually, I will also begin a YouTube channel to talk about my games and ideas. Alongside the YouTube channel will be a patreon so you may support me and my work. However, that will not be for another year until that gets started.


If you want chat about this with us and other Stormforge fans, then come join our Discord server!

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