We normally just post things related to Stormforge on this blog… well we always just post things related to Stormforge on this blog, but we do also play other RPGs and with us being designers, we always think about ways of improving them. James had an excellent idea for a D&D initiative system, and I thought it was neat enough that you all need to see it.

So here’s James with his homebrewed initiative system for D&D:

I want to start this post saying that this idea is not originally my own. A good friend of mine came up with the idea, and I helped expand on it. What this initiative system does is create a fast, fluid, and dynamic system which can take the strain off the DM. To use this initiative system, all you need is a deck of cards. I know, I know. “Cards in D&D!” I hear you cry. Trust me on this, the extra bit of weirdness is worth it. Here is how the initiative system works:

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