Calling all clerics and warlocks, priests and witches, paladins and dreadknights! Your journey to power starts here!

The next mod for the Sigil System is out now and it focusses entirely on holy and evil powers.

If you want to be a paladin or a cleric then you can swear an oath to your god or gods to gain the powers to heal wounds, see into the future, smite evildoers or make yourself superhumanly powerful.

If you want to be a warlock or other ne’er-do-well then you can sacrifice something precious of yours the powers to summon hellbeasts, turn into smoke, control hellfire or teleportation.

Just remember that nothing in life is for free, and one way or the other you will eventually end up paying for it.

CLICK HERE or the image above to get Brightest Night now for Pay What You Want.

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