It’s a brand new year and that means new things are just around the corner!

First up for you this year we have the Sigil System 1.2.

It’s a major update that comes with a whole list of changes.

The biggest change you will see is how Skill Checks work. Rather than trying to get as far below your Skill Level as possible, you now want to get as high as possible while still remaining under your Skill Level. Think of it like Blackjack rules. You want to get at or under, but never above. So now you will never have to take your roll result and subtract it from your Skill Level. Now, as long as you rolled below your Skill Level, your roll result is your final result. This will make combat a breeze.

Speaking of combat, we’ve also added in an Initiative system that keeps the narrative quality of the Sigil System while giving you a more structured combat sequence.

We’ve changed some of the skills around to give you some more options. We’ve expanded the Craft Skill into two (Broad-Craft and Fine-Craft) and we’ve changed Insight and Lore into Intuition and Logic to make them a bit more useful in more situations. We’ve also gotten rid of the Perform Skill and expanded the Athletics Skill into Athletics (for your quick and agile movements) and Might (for your strength type actions).

We’ve also removed the Contacts Skill and created a whole Contacts Creation system so that you have a bit more personal touch with the NPCs in your game.

Lastly we’ve expanded on the weapons rules to give you better weapons ranges and different damages for different classes of weapons.

More to come

Now that Sigil 1.2 is out we’re going to revamp the Stealth and Runic Magic Mods to bring them up to speed as well as to add some character creation options for if you want to add in some magical and/or stealthy background options to your characters.

Our next major release that’s just around the corner will be a Mod dedicated to all things cleric/paladin and warlocks. “Brightest Night” will cover all your holy and evil magics as well as ways to bring them into your campaign, so stay tuned.

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